Ozone therapy for dentists is a holistic therapy that helps reduce oral bacteria. New to the US, ozone therapy has been in Europe for more than a decade and has had amazing results.

Because ozone dental therapy disinfects and prevents common dental problems, mild to moderate tooth decay is diminished. With regular treatments, root canal therapy and other invasive dental treatments could become unnecessary.

What is Ozone Therapy for Dentists?

By significantly reducing oral bacteria, ozone therapy wards off dental caries. Because ozone therapy is blown directly on the decay, it penetrates the tooth, killing all bacteria.

When cavities are exposed to the gas the bacteria in and around the tooth is unable to survive. Bacteria thrive on acidity and because ozone therapy changes pH levels, the bacteria cannot survive. Ozone therapy also reduces inflammation and infection.

Over the next few months, the gas shields against bacteria that want to repopulate decay. Ozone therapy also re-mineralizes tooth decay turning it back to its healthy state making the tooth more resistant to cavities.

Does Ozone Therapy Work for Filling Replacements?

Of course, ozone therapy will not work if the decay cannot be reached. It will not change the color of the decayed tooth either. Existing fillings may also need to be replaced if the decay is more than mild to moderate. Holistic dentist Dr. Frankie Neman can blow gas on the decay before placing a new filling. This means the filling is the same size as the original one as there is no additional tooth removal.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

  • No drilling or invasive treatments
  • Treats minor to medium decay
  • No discomfort during dental treatments
  • Minimal patient anxiety
  • Safe for children
  • Teeth can heal while becoming strong

If you would like more information regarding ozone therapy or holistic dentistry, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Frankie Neman today.