Dr. Frankie Neman is the best dentist I've ever had, I've had to have A LOT.
Here's a few of the reasons why:
-She doesn't have 'god complex' like most western Dr.'s do.
-She treats each patient as an individual and plans their care accordingly.
-She has the patience of a SAINT.
-She's incredibly thorough and detail oriented.
-You never feel like she's selling anything to you, it's about caring for you.
Nobody likes going to the dentist - but when you're Dr. Frankie Neman's patient that trepidation disappears - I highly recommend her and happily sing her praises (so do my teeth).
Dr. Frankie Neman, I want you to know I REALLY appreciate the care you took in my mouth. I may have been having stress from the past, but be assured that NO ONE could have done any better than you in taking are of me. Thank you for your gentleness.
There’s a decades old axiom which says everyone hates going to the dentist though over the past few years which I have been under the expert care of Dr. Frankie Neman I no longer subscribe to that axiom. Like those country doctors of old she gives you the kind of personal attention which is so rare today. Her follow up calls after the simplest procedure gives you both security and confidence that you placed your trust in the right hands. Dr. Frankie Neman takes great pride in her work and I’m thankful to be her patient!
I only wish I was referred to Dr. Frankie Neman years ago. In the past three years, Dr. Frankie Neman got my family and I back on course. I had a severe phobia of the dentist—including cleanings! That all changed with Dr. Frankie Neman who took the time, care, and patience to walk me through every step of each process. And, she’s gentle! I’m grateful to the Dr. and her awesome team.
In the years prior to seeing Dr. Frankie Neman, I had developed a pretty high level of anxiety around dental work, but she used a combination of strategies to help me manage my anxiety and to ensure I didn't experience any pain. As a result, my dental anxiety has eased quite a bit. Just as important, the work she has performed on my teeth is top-notch.