Dental crowns, also called caps, are placed on top of a tooth that is badly damaged from fractures, breaks, root canals, and decay. Dental crowns restore teeth back to their original function, size, and shape.


Dental crowns protect and strengthen the structure of the tooth that can’t be restored with dental fillings or other types of restorations. Dental crowns look and feel just like natural teeth and are very strong and durable.

Dental crowns are made from metal alloys, ceramics, porcelain, composite resin, or a combination of materials. Dr. Frankie Neman will determine what type of crown is best for you by looking at tooth location, gum tissue position, your own preferences, and the amount of tooth that shows when you smile. Dr. Frankie Neman will also take into consideration the color and function of the tooth.

Dental bridges fill the gap that is left by one or more missing teeth. While there are several types of dental bridges, traditional porcelain fixed bridges are the most popular because they resemble natural teeth.

Fixed bridges are comprised of two dental crowns placed on top of the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth. Known as a pontic, the artificial tooth fills the space left by the missing tooth, and prevents your remaining teeth from drifting out of position. Dental bridges can last a decade or more and are extremely durable as long as you practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.