Holistic dentists treat the whole body, not just the teeth and gums. Dr. Frankie Neman is a holistic dentist that considers whole health and how every dental procedure affects the body, not just the mouth.

Why is Holistic Dentistry Different?

Traditional Dentistry-Traditional dentistry treats the negative symptoms using the drill and fill solution. This is an attempt to stop symptoms from recurring.

Holistic dentistry- Holistic dentistry considers your entire well-being and whole health, getting to the root of the issue offering healthy solutions, not toxic ones.

Conventional Dentists

Instead of getting to the root of chronic tooth decay, conventional dentists will treat the cavities without getting to the real problem, which could be undiagnosed diabetes or another systemic or chronic disease.

Of course, this results in a mouth full of silvery mercury fillings, which could be avoided if the dentist paid attention to lifestyle and other whole health factors.

Holistic Dentists

Dr. Frankie Neman uses the holistic approach. This avoids drawn out dental procedures that are more times than not, painful, unnecessary, and downright toxic.

For example, if a patient uses tobacco, recurring gum disease could be one of the causes. Encouraging the patient to quit is the first step against preventing the more serious periodontal disease.

Why are Holistic Dentists Different?

Dr. Frankie Neman and her team use advanced 3D digital x-rays and laser dentistry for gum disease treatment. Along with same day crown technology and tooth colored fillings, patients are not exposed to the toxic and harmful materials used by conventional dentists.

Holistic Dentistry is Safer than Conventional Dentistry

The dangers of silver amalgam mercury fillings cannot be ignored. Dr. Frankie Neman uses materials that are non-toxic and biocompatible. These non-toxic dental materials are strong, safe, durable, and look great.

While conventional dentistry deems fluoride safe and encourages patients to include it in their oral hygiene habits, holistic dentists disagree and do not use fluoride. From permanent intrinsic staining from too much fluoride as a child, to brittle bones in adults from skeletal fluorosis, fluoride is not necessary for healthy teeth and gums.

Treating the Whole Person with Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Frankie Neman takes the time to listen to your concerns while helping you make the right choices about your oral health care. With Dr. Frankie Neman, you won’t have to worry about getting sick from toxic dental chemicals and harmful materials used in conventional dentistry.

If you would like to learn more about holistic dentistry, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Frankie Neman today.