Dental anxiety, also known as dental phobia, is more common than you think. In fact, dental anxiety affects about seventy-five percent of people in the United States.

People who are afraid of the dentist will go to great lengths to avoid the dentist’s chair, which is unfortunate, as gum disease and tooth decay won’t go away on their own. Neglecting oral care leads to more invasive and costly dental treatments. People with severe dental anxiety may even lose their teeth.

Thanks to Dr. Frankie Neman’s extensive education and experience with sedation dentistry, you can relax your way to a healthy smile. Using behavior modification as the first defense against dental anxiety she may also find it necessary to include other types of dental sedation including laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, and/or oral sedatives. Dr. Frankie Neman also works with anesthesiologists for patients who suffer from severe dental phobia, or for patients who are requiring lengthy or invasive treatments.