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We take immense pride in offering a warm and welcoming environment. Our dedication to excellence and deep love for the Santa Monica community drives us to deliver top-notch dental solutions tailored to you. Whether you’re searching for a “dentist near me” or a “dentist in Santa Monica,” look no further. We’re here to ensure your dental health is in the best hands, fostering smiles that last a lifetime.


Directions to Frankie Neman, DDS Dental Practice

From Santa Monica, CA:


  • Head northwest on Lincoln Blvd toward Santa Monica Blvd for 1.3 miles
  • Turn right onto San Vicente Blvd and drive 2.6 miles
  • Dr Frankie Neman, DDS, will be on the right at 11980 San Vicente Blvd # 600


A Brief History of Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, California, is a coastal city with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Nestled along the Pacific Ocean, it has evolved from a humble community to a bustling urban oasis beloved by residents and visitors alike. 


Before European settlers arrived, the area was inhabited by the Tongva people, known for their sophisticated society and deep reverence for the natural world around them. The region was abundant in resources, allowing the Tongva to thrive along the coastline and inland.


The modern history of Santa Monica can trace its roots back to the Spanish colonization of California. In 1769, the Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portolá traveled through the area, which later became part of the Spanish land grant, the “Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica,” established in 1839. This era laid the foundational structures of land use that would shape Santa Monica’s development.


In the late 19th century, Santa Monica began to rapidly develop after California became a part of the United States. Colonel Robert S. Baker and Senator John P. Jones founded the city in 1875, envisioning it as a thriving seaside community. The construction of the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad in 1875, with its terminus near the current location of the Santa Monica Pier, made the city more accessible and attractive to visitors and settlers alike.


Santa Monica became an official city in 1886. The early 20th century saw a boom in its development, with the iconic Santa Monica Pier being constructed in 1909. This period began Santa Monica’s reputation as a beach resort town. The city’s population grew, and its economy diversified, expanding beyond tourism to include the aerospace and entertainment industries.


During World War II, Santa Monica played a crucial role in the national defense industry, with the Douglas Aircraft Company producing aircraft for the war effort. Post-war, the city continued to flourish, with the development of the Santa Monica Freeway in the 1960s improving access and further stimulating growth.


Today, Santa Monica is known for its vibrant community, beautiful beaches, historic pier, and the Third Street Promenade, a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. It has also become a hub for tech and startup companies, earning the moniker “Silicon Beach.”


Living and Working in Santa Monica

Living and working in Santa Monica offers a unique blend of beachfront tranquility and urban sophistication, making it one of Southern California’s most coveted locales. This vibrant coastal city is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from the iconic Santa Monica Pier to the serene Palisades Park. It provides an idyllic backdrop for both leisure and professional life. 


Residents enjoy a high quality of life with access to world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options, all within walking distance or a short bike ride, thanks to the city’s commitment to sustainability and active living


The local economy is diverse, thriving on tourism, technology (notably Silicon Beach’s burgeoning tech scene), and creative industries, offering ample employment opportunities. The community is characterized by its progressive values and excellent educational institutions, making Santa Monica a great lifestyle for those who value a balance between work and well-being.


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The Must-Sees in Santa Monica, California

After you visit Dr. Frankie Neman’s holistic dental practice in Santa Monica, you’re perfectly positioned to explore the best this vibrant coastal city has to offer. Start your day and head to Tartine, a culinary cafe gem where you can savor a delightful brunch. Tartine is the perfect spot to start your day’s adventures with its delicious pastries, artisanal bread, and cozy ambiance.


Begin your adventure at the iconic Santa Monica Pier, where the Pacific Ocean meets fun-filled amusement park rides, captivating street performers, and the historic carousel. Just steps away, Santa Monica Beach awaits with its golden sands and picturesque sunsets, offering a serene escape or a refreshing swim.


For art lovers, Bergamot Station Arts Center is a must-visit. This unique collection of art galleries showcases an impressive array of contemporary artworks, making it a perfect spot to immerse yourself in the local art scene. Or take a stroll through Palisades Park, where you’ll find breathtaking ocean views, lush landscaping, and a peaceful atmosphere ideal for reflection and relaxation.


Downtown Santa Monica offers a vibrant mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Wander through the lively Third Street Promenade, where you can indulge in retail therapy, enjoy street performances, or soak in the bustling atmosphere. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Santa Monica offers an endless array of experiences to enrich your day, making every moment in this coastal city unforgettable.